Project Portfolio

Welcome! What you'll find here are a few UX projects & case studies I've worked on. I have experience working in a variety of industries, including art, technology, education, and social media.

DreamStudio Accessibility

Stability AI

I performed a pair of studies to examine the AI art generator DreamStudio, by Stability AI.

In Study 1, I performed an unmoderated user study to examine how intuitive and accessible the software is.

Study 2 was a phenomenological study into how people with disabilities are using AI art to overcome their limitations and cope with difficult symptoms. I suggest next steps to continue serving this community.


Department of Children, Youth & Families

Washington State

The Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) had 3 urgent Early Childhood education initiatives.

In this research plan, I outlined the scope and methods for a discovery sprint for each project.


Mental Health for Students

Mental health is a major challenge for college students; I've seen it myself as a professor. I designed an app that allows students to quickly get the help they need, whether it's from their peers or a professional.



UX Writing Case Study

I applied UX writing principles to a course in which I teach students to perform statistical analysis via the Python programming language.

I gathered data to determine which parts of the lesson were causing the most confusion, and then I clarified my explanations and reorganized the lesson to improve student performance.


The Ultimate Museum App

Muze is app that allows participating museums to share information about their collections and lets users to purchase tickets directly from the app.